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A loyalty card yes. But with a difference.

We've all got and used loyalty cards. So what's different about ours you ask? Well the usual stuff applies - earning points, redeeming coupons and did you know that you also get your 11th burrito for free when you've bought ten.

But that's not all. We'll also give you an extra €2 for every €20 you load onto your card.  And your loyalty card doesn't have to live in your wallet. Nope, that's so last year! Your El Gringo loyalty card can live on your phone. How does that work you ask?  We've teamed up with the Bopzy Beam people, which means you can pay for your food and earn loyalty points with just a tap of your (Android) smartphone at the till.

To get your very own El Gringo loyalty card, simply ask for an application form at any El Gringo location, fill it in and hand it back to the staff who'll give you your card there and then.

I've got my shiny new El Gringo loyalty card... now how do I get it onto my phone?

Once you've got your card, just follow these simple instructions and very soon you'll be paying for your burritos and earning loyalty points the smart way.

1. Visit the App store on your smartphone and search for 'Bopzy'

2. Download the Bopzy app and then open it.

3. Click on 'Let's Start' and then on 'Log In' because we already registered you when you signed up.

4. Enter your email address and the default password 'gringo'.

5. Once you have logged in, change your password to one that you will easily remember by going to 'Settings' within the App.  Here you can also add your El Gringo Loyalty Card number.

6. Click on 'Locations' to find El Gringo where you'll see your loyalty information such as balance, points, coupons, etc. 

To use your card to pay for your food, you simply touch your Android smartphone to the Bopzy reader at the till.  Your points will be recorded, your purchase will be registered on the card and you can choose to pay for your meal if you've got credit on your card. If you've got an iPhone or a non-smartphone, simply tap your actual card on the reader to earn your loyalty points.

*Bopzy with El Gringo Burrito won an award for contactless technology in Loyalty at the 2014 Contactless Intelligence Contactless & Mobile Awards. 

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