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Our food

All our food is made fresh every morning and our beef and pork is 100% Irish.

Our food is something special.  We use the very best quality, fresh ingredients that we can get our hands on and we only use locally sourced beef and pork, all certified Irish.  

All our dishes are prepared in front of you while you wait, using quality, fresh ingredients that are bursting with flavour.  Our salsas come in 3 versions, mild, medium or smokin' hot! And they're made every 2 hours in all of our locations so they are always fresh and full of flavour.

We're particularly proud of our Irish meats and chicken, all of which are marinated overnight before being slow cooked in order to lock in all those great flavours of Mexico.  

We take the time and effort needed to make great food.  All you need to do it tell us how you like it, and follow three simple steps to come up with your own unique Mexican dish.

NOW AVAILABLE: Authentic Mexican corn tortillas, naturally gluten free.  Ask your server.

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